Electronics User Manual

  1. AIR CONDITIONER: • It is turned on and off using the power button. • Temperature, cooling, automatic, or fan settings can be adjusted using the mood button and degrees can be set using the arrow buttons.
  2. TELEVISION: • The television is turned on and off using the power button on the remote control. • Channel changes are made using the CH button. • Volume adjustments are made using the VOL button. • You can select your desired broadcast using the Source button.
  3. REFRIGERATOR: • If the light is on when you open the refrigerator, it is in working condition. If not, when the leaf symbol is set from the top button, the refrigerator will become operational. • Putting wet and piled vegetables in the refrigerator hinders cooling by causing evaporation as per the system. Vegetables should be wrapped in paper as much as possible and should not lean against the back wall. • Care should be taken to ensure that the refrigerator door is fully closed each time.
  4. WASHING MACHINE: • After turning on the power button, select the program. • Set the temperature and spin degree. • After adding detergent, the machine operates actively by pressing the start button.
  5. DISHWASHER: • It is turned on and off using the power button on the far left. • The hours on the side are set next to the clock symbol. • ½ is half a cycle. P/ is program setting. The glass symbol is for washing glasses. ECO is the longest mode. 90 degrees for intensive washing. The pot symbol is for washing pots. After selecting the program from the power button, close the lid.
  6. OVEN: • Select the program from the P section. • Set the fan from the fan symbol. • Set the time from the touchscreen in the middle. (+ – buttons) • The buttons are located outside.
  7. STOVE: • It is opened and closed with the on-off button. The degrees of the stove are adjusted from the “+” / “-” signs. • The stove is touch-sensitive. • Burns on the stove can be removed by wiping with a sponge using baking soda. • It should be known that when the “L” symbol is lit and the operation stops, it is due to moisture. After installation, it can be restarted by resetting the fuse.
  8. KETTLE: • It is opened and closed with the button at the bottom. • Water is boiled with the button on top.

NOTE: For any malfunctioning appliances, you can call the reception 24/7 and get support from our available technical service.