Electronics User Manual

1. AIR CONDITIONER: • Turns on and off by On – off buttons. • Heat, coolness, automatic or fan settings can be adjusted with the Mood key, and degrees can be adjusted with the arrow keys.

2. TV: • The television is turned on and off with the on/off button of the remote. • Channel change is made with the CH key. • Volume settings are made from the VOL key. • You can select the broadcast you want using the Source button.

3. REFRIGERATOR: • If your refrigerator is not working, you can operate it by turning the circular adjustment knob located above the shelves inside the door. • Putting wet fruits and vegetables in the refrigerator may automatically change the mode of the refrigerator and cause your food to heat up. • Guests must be aware of The door of refrigerator is not open.

4. WASHING MACHINE: • After the power button is turned on, the program is selected. • The temperature and spin cycle is adjusted. • After the detergent is added, the machine starts actively with the start button.

5. DISHWASHER: • It is opened and closed from the top left on/off button. • The timers on the side are adjusted from the timer sign. • ½ works half cycle. • P/ is used for program setting. • The wine glass symbol is for glass washing. • ECO is the longest mode. • 90 degree is the intensive wash. • Cooking pot symbol is for pot washing. • After selecting the program from the on/off button, the door is closed.

6. OVEN: • Program is selected from P section. • The fan is adjusted from the propeller sign. • The time is set from the middle touch clock. (with + – keys) • The buttons are located outside.

7. STOVE: • It is opened and closed with the On-Off button. The degree of the stove is adjusted from the ” + / – ” signs. • The stove has a touch-screen. • Burns on the stove can be removed by wiping with baking soda and sponge. • When the “L” symbol lights up and stops working, it should be known that it is caused by wetness. After it is dry, it can be operated again by resetting the fuse.

8. KETTLE: • It is opened and closed with the button below. • The water is boiled with the button on the top. NOTE : You may call the reception 24/7 for any defective item and get support from our ready technical service.